Continuing Education

Join thousands of Kentucky Real Estate Agents that take our CE courses each year. All of our continuing education courses are 100% online, accessible any time. With this flexibility, agents are able to continue working while finishing their continuing education requirement around their schedule. Per KREC regulations, it is advised that licensees complete the CE requirement before December 21st of the calendar year. Courses started after December 21 may not allow enough time to report the education. The licensee will be fined $1,000 (changed from $500) and the license cancelled, there are no exceptions.

Kentucky Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Kentucky Real Estate License Continuing Education Requirements

All actively licensed real estate agents in Kentucky must complete the following continuing education requirements each education cycle (every 2 years). The full list of requirements can be found at the Kentucky Real Estate Commission website by clicking here.


  • Complete 12 hours of continuing education approved by the commission.
  • Of the 12 hours, 6 must be in law, the other 6 can be elective.
  • 6 hours must be completed each year, credit will not be given if the same course is completed in the education cycle. 3 hours each year must be in law.
  • Completion of the continuing education requirement must be before December 31st of each calendar year.
  • If more than 6 hours of education is completed the first year of the education cycle, the excess hours can rollover to the next year.
  • Licensees are not required to complete continuing education courses the first 2 calendar years of initial license issuance in Kentucky.
  • The Kentucky Core Course is required to be completed once every 4 years. No other CE courses will substitute for the Core Course.